Friday, August 24, 2012

Money Making Surveys

While Fusion Cash is definitely the site I have the most fun making money with, it is just one of over thirty survey sites that I am a member of. I complete surveys daily with these sites and make a decent amount of extra cash every month. These are not the "get rich quick" scam sites that promise to pay obscene amounts of money for every survey you complete after you pay an obscene unncessary amount to join. These are all legitimate, free to join sites and they average $2.00 - $3.00 per survey. Remember, real market research companies will never ask you for any money for your opinion. I have been blogging about my personal experiences with these survey sites and posting detailed information (including proof of payments) on each one. To get started on the right path to making money with legitimate survey sites at home, visit my sister blog, "Money Making Survey Reviews."    Happy Surveying! :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fusion Cash Weekly Earnings

Here are my current weekly earnings with Fusion Cash. Weekly earnings fluctuate depending on new offers and surveys available but on average, I cash out between $40.00 to $80.00 monthly. These earnings are for less than an hour a day on the site.                  

                Fusion Cash Weekly Total:  $12.90

   Sunday 8/19                                                   Daily Total: $1.21

   Saturday 8/18                                                 Daily Total: $0.17
    Friday 8/17                                         Daily Total: $3.32
   Thursday 8/16                                                Daily Total: $0.18
   Wednesday 8/15                                             Daily Total: $4.68
   Tuesday 8/14                                                  Daily Total: $0.16
   Monday 8/13                                                  Daily Total: $3.18

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fusion Cash Pays

Here is my latest Fusion Cash payment for the month of July. I received this in my PayPal account on August 16th, four days earlier than expected. I love Fusion Cash!!