Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to Make Money with Fusion Cash Daily (Updated)

Make money every day with Fusion Cash - the best GPT (Get Paid To) site on the web - by  following these suggestions and tips. Once you become familiar with all the daily money making opportunities that Fusion Cash has to offer, you will find it is a fun and easy site to make extra bucks with every month. Before you know, you will catch the Fusion Cash fever like I have.

**Sign up for the Daily Email. It pays 2 cents everyday and takes about five seconds to do.**

**Do the Paid to Click offer everyday. It pays 15 cents and take less than five minutes.**

**The Paid to Post offer pays $3.00 once a month for contributing 30 posts monthly to the forum. I did not do this for the first couple of months thinking it was a hassle and missed out on money. It really is simple and easy money. Just remember at the end of each month, you will have to fill out the Paid to Post form which you will see in the top right corner while in the forum. You will receive your $3.00 credit at the end of the following month.**

**Install the Fusion Cash toolbar. Earn 5 cents daily for performing 20 searches**

**Once you start cashing out monthly, you can post your payment proof in the forum and earn $1.00 each month. The credit usually takes about a week to post**

**Watch the videos daily. They only pay 1 to 3 cents but are quick and easy.**

If you follow the above suggestions, you will make an extra $10.00 every month for less than 15 minutes daily. Here are some other ways to make money with Fusion Cash and these are where I make the most money.

**Daily Surveys pay anywhere from 50 cents to $1.00. There are about 7-8 of them. I usually am able to complete 1-2 daily.**

 **FC Surveys are fairly new and have become my favorite way to earn money with Fusion Cash.  They have a variety of surveys available.  They state they pay $1.00 to $3.00 per survey but I completed one the other day for $9.00 and it only took about 10 minutes. The key is checking the FC survey tab throughout the day as they add new surveys often. FC surveys credit in your account within a couple of minutes!!**

**Daily Tasks are different jobs that you will do online like searching for a website and than answering questions about it. There are always several listed and pay is anywhere from 1 cents to 25 cents. I usually only do the higher paying ones and can easily make $1.00 to $2.00 daily in about an hours time.**

**Offers are always listed on the site. They only get two or three new ones a week. Some are free to do and you make 10 cents to 90 cents, others are trial offers where you need to sign up for and occassionaly use a credit card. The payout on these can be anywhere from $1.00 to $20.00. If I find the offer appealing, I will sign up for the trial and if I do not like it, I will cancel at the end. I have never ran into a problem with these when cancelling. Just remember to cancel if you do not want to continue with the offer or your credit card will be charged.**

My daily routine with Fusion Cash consists of checking my email which will bring me to the site, doing the Paid to Click offer, watching videos, attempting some surveys, checking on new offers, and visiting the forum. I perform my toolbar searches throughout the day. I usually check back in the afternoon for new videos, offers, FC surveys and then do the daily tasks.

I find it easier if you hide offers that you are not interested in and also there is a "daily" tab where you can add all your offers, videos and surveys you visit daily. It makes it easier to just go to that daily tab each time instead of looking through all the tabs for offers. Check on the "new" tab daily as this is where you will find all the new offers available.

I was unaware of all these opportunities the first couple of months and missed out on money. I hope by reading this you will avoid that and start earning the most that you can right away. I have cashed out over $100.00 a month consistently for the last six months (Check out my proof of payments page.) just by spending a little time daily with Fusion Cash. I love the money and actually enjoy spending time at the site doing all the different activities. Join Fusion Cash today and earn $5.00 instantly just for signing up.