Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fusion Cash Proof of Payment

Here is my latest proof of payment with Fusion Cash. This is for the month of August that I received on September 19th. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fusion Cash Referrals - Easy Money

Lets talk about the money you can make with referrals on Fusion Cash. In my opinion, they are the GPT/survey site with the best referral program.You can earn a pretty decent amount of money every month just on your referrals alone. There are three stages to earning money with referrals:

Stage 1 - $1.00 - Referral signs up and confirms their email address.

Stage 2 - $2.00 - Referral competes their first offer.

Stage 3 - $5.00 - Each and every time referral cashes out.

Now of course, earning the $1.00 and $2.00 from every referral is great but you ultimately want your referrals to stay active members and cash out regularly so you will continue to earn the $5.00 for each one. The key is getting legitimate referrals who are genuinely interested in making money with Fusion Cash. If you have 10 legitimate active members who cash out every month that is $50.00 in your Fusion Cash account every time for doing absolutely nothing! Add that to your own monthly earnings for a consistent cash out every time!

To do this, I suggest always being upfront and honest about Fusion Cash and the earning potentials. It is not a "get rich quick" site and trying to convey that to potential referrals will get you nowhere. Referral recruiting is not easy but if you stick with it and be honest in your pitch, you will find it will pay off.

Here are some of my suggestions on getting legitimate active referrals:

Create a blog (like this one) and post about the benefits of being a member of Fusion Cash and post your proof of payments.

Post your Fusion Cash referral link on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Tell friends and family about Fusion Cash.

By starting with these three options, you will start to see referrals sign up and make you money every month.

To get started earning money with Fusion Cash, sign up now and/or read my post detailing the different ways you can earn money daily with Fusion Cash. Best of luck to you!